Introduction to Building Canvas Apps

Hands on introduction of new users to the world of building Canvas Power Apps for the very first time through nearly 4 hours of content and materials

Course Summary

A course to introduce new users to building Canvas Apps. There are no major pre-requisites for the course, however familiarity with excel formulas will make some elements easier to follow.

What will I learn?

This Microsoft Power Apps Foundation course covers the basic skills needed to build Canvas Power Apps for the very first time.

Delegates will understand the key steps to building an app within an environment and sharing within the organisation.

The course provides a solid foundation for further learning which extended further by following the intermediate training.

You’ll learn:

- Getting started with Power Apps
- Understanding the App designer interface
- Understanding Power Apps objects
- Understanding Power Fx formula syntax
- Building your first app
- Creating Filtering and Sorting Galleries
- Configuring Forms
- Working with data including SharePoint lists
- Power Apps licensing
- Introduction to using Solutions
- Publishing Apps Sharing Apps with colleagues

No experience of Power Apps is required. Delegates with exposure to Excel and Excel formulas may find some of the concepts easier to understand.

Familiarity with working with data held in Excel tables will also be helpful bu not essential

Course Curriculum

Rory Neary

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