Power Fx Canvas Apps from Zero to Hero

250 + Lessons Including 150 + demos using Power Fx

Course Summary

A course designed inspire people to create amazing Canvas Power Apps for themselves and the organisations that they represent.  Comprehensive enough for you to be successful with the product starting from zero knowledge.

You will learn :-
- How to create an environment to create your apps
- How to build your first app using Dataverse, Excel and Sharepoint
- How to view apps on mobile
- Sharing apps
- Importing and Exporting
- How the menus work
- A guide to every Power Apps Object including Forms, Media objects and Containers
- How screens work
- What are object properties
- How to use Functions with object properties
- How to use the Power Apps expression language
- Connecting to Data
- Collections
- Filtering data
- Working with Dataverse
- Working with Teams, Power BI and other Microsoft Products
- Using Artificial Intelligent
- The Power Platform Admin Center
- Power Apps Solutions
- Components

You will also be invited to the regular webinars run to enhance your understanding of the platform.

Course Curriculum

Rory Neary


This course has been built to create the very best learning experience that I can offer.  It's the course I would have wanted to have covered when I first started my Power Apps journey.

There's no expectation of any expertise on your part coming into the course, and you can take a look at the preview options so that it is right for you.

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